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We educate you and your team to be able to tell your story in a succinct way. Allowing you to grow your brand and revenue by turning your audience into advocates.

Personal Branding

Target Audience

Media/Community Engagement

Strategic Integration

Brand Management

Social Engagement and Management

How it works

  Your story  

We will begin by learning about your background and how you can benefit from LCG Brands to assist your business development.

  The Deep Dive  

We will conduct an in depth interview to understand all the layers of who you and your business are and what goals we will work towards.

  Team Planning  

An introduction to team members will allow you to see where everyone’s skills will be helpful to you. We will begin to outline the steps to take and how to keep your goals as our focal point.


With a specific timeline set, we will assist in helping you achieve the steps of each stage. At the end, we will ensure your newly learned tools and tactics are working for you, your team, and your brand.

  Ongoing Support  

A final report will be issued and discussed at the end, as well as additional opportunities to continue engaging with LCG Brands.



Insight & Planning

Internal  & External Research

Team Advancement

Brand Development


Community Engagement

Target Audience Identification

Online & Offline 

Coaching & Consulting

Global Immersion

Starter Package
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