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  • Audience-Specific Marketing

  • Influencer Alignment

  • Integrated Marketing

  • Strategic Partnerships and Experiential Marketing

  • Transmedia storytelling


  • Leadership Positioning

  • Employee Communications

  • Executive Communications

  • Market Expansion

  • Corporate Communications

  • Media and Presentation Skills Training


  • Social Engagement

  • Content Development

  • Digital Design & Build

  • Planning & Analytics

  • Community Management Training


  • Team Development

  • International Business Immersion

  • Interim Marketing Support


Leadership Development Delivered Your Way

The most successful leaders understand and embrace their roles as communicators. Whether to announce an executive transition or simply to raise a leader’s profile in the industry. LCG Brands helps senior leaders identify their natural communication style and then identifies modes of  visibility, gaining influencer status that drives business results.


LCG Brands’ leadership development programs are available in two formats: On-Site or Off-Site Custom Workshops.


We work together to create the program curriculum you need to drive results. Programs are designed as two day master classes, full day or half day.

Throughout the program, you will have regular private phone calls or meetings with our team to review progress and ensure that you are playing to your personal and professional strengths.

Coaching &



Real-Time Mindshift: LIVE, In-Person Team Coaching

Employees are the heart and soul of any organization and aligning their behaviors with business strategies is critical to success. 

LCG Brands conducts meaningful marketing workshops that engage the entire team. We help you establish marketing goals, define your target audience, and navigate the tactical marketing outcomes required to be successful. We use engaging methods to get the best out of your team while ensuring that our team adds value to the process.

Personal Branding

Re-invent yourself to stand out. We start by taking an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses and assessing the story that is your life. Taking best practices from our work with individuals and organizations, we help you to take charge of your personal development by re-balancing your portfolio of life and developing the guiding principles necessary to move forward.

Jump-Starting Innovation Workshop

Customized one - and two - day workshops will develop an action plan that makes these concepts come to life in the everyday. We will help you assess your organization:

Both the current practices and the leadership behaviors that form the culture and the larger trends shaping your world. You will leave with a clear goal and action plans that you can execute. A specialized workshop with us means not only a new mindset toward change but also the practical tools to make that mindset a reality.

Presentations & Workshops



Today’s leading marketers balance being sociologist and anthropologist, strategists and analysts, visionaries and creative directors, innovators and brand advocates. No one person or business can achieve all of these successfully… without help.

We work with organizations on complex marketing challenges. One of the fundamental elements of our approach and our success is the trust that our clients have put in our team, helping them realize meaningful change.

LCG Brands provides the talent and experience you need to achieve successes that garner;

  • Empowered business culture.

  • Culture that helps create leaders at all levels.

  • Compelling storytelling to advance company brands.

  • Effective marketing team with an immediate impact on the bottom line.

  • Enthusiasm, energy and know-how to build and execute a multi-functional marketing plan.

We deliver managed marketing solutions that launch results for sustainable business growth.

Let us do the same for you.


It was a pleasure working with Jodi and the LCG Brands team, for their control of the details, calm management of 20 loose ends on any given day, and upbeat voices on the phone, or bright smiles even in midst of stressful meetings. Jodi and the team know how to be clear in their mission, clear in the assignments, steady in contact with all parties, and firm in holding everyone accountable. All elements of a great project managers! 

Stephen Dill

Digital Strategy Consultant SRD InterActive

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