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A few words from our valuable community.

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Jodi is an exceptional leader who has worked under extremely demands and circumstances and always delivered top quality outputs. Her various experiences and background has enabled her to provide valuable knowledge and input to any job or task she works on.



Founder, Lisa Willis Creative

Jodi gives a new definition to hardworking. She loves a great challenge and we do everything in her power to find the best solution. Her contacts and connections are endless and her ethusiasm is contagious.



Senior Vice President at Tenax Strategies, Inc

Jodi and the team she put together with LCG Brands for our total company rebrand were exceptional!  Jodi's direct experience in the private sector and government gave her insights into our business that we couldn't find anywhere else. From basic concept, naming convention, logo design and website design, she drove the process, providing our firm with direction and focus from a singular voice which was very important for us. Additionally, her team was able to seamlessly pivot when a significant challenge presented itself; dramatically compressing the timeline and leading to a very successful launch of our new brand. I hope I find more opportunities to work with Jodi!



CEO, InsuranceMenu

Jodi is a passionate visionary who really understands the needs and realities of building a brand in today's market. Not only is she tireless in her commitment to clients, Jodi also brings a diverse background that spans multiple media channels both traditional and new. She is definitely someone to get to know in the Massachusetts entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Interim Director International COVID-19 Data Research Alliance and Workbench at Health Data Research UK (HDR-UK)

Jodi is a true life force! She is extremely focused about her objectives and also about what she can offer. Don't go to Jodi if you want an easy time - she will challenge you and push you hard! But her goal is very clear - to get you to look at the things that need to be addressed and come up with answers and insights that will power you forward. I highly recommend some time with Jodi if you want a breath of fresh air in your life!



Mobile App Manager and Sustainability Ambassador,  Cathay Pacific Airways

I had the pleasure of attending one of Jodi's workshops on how to work with traditional media. I gained valuable insights both on how to approach traditional media outlets and on managing media relationships as a small startup. What sets Jodi apart is her ability to apply her expertise and cater to the needs of a wide variety of companies – from startups to large, established players. Oh, and she is a fabulously fun and energetic person to work with as well!



Babson College Class of 2021

I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside a visionary leader and mentor like Jodi. Not only did I learn tons about the marketing industry, personal branding, and general consulting, but I also had such a great time hearing her incredible stories and lessons. Jodi's enthusiasm and energy for her work is unparalleled, and so incredibly infectious.



Jodi has definitely made it at the top of my list for favorite guest speakers. She emitted great vibes with her enthusiastic personality. She quickly captivated everyone with her charm and smile."

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Founder, RaceMenu Inc.

One of the most energetic women I've ever met, Jodi can out-hustle anyone and usually knows ten different ways to communicate your message effectively. She's a jack-of-all-trades and if you're lucky enough to work with her, be prepared for the bonus of a giant smile and an incredibly positive personality.


Elad Segal

Jodi is an amazing person, that knows how to reach out, lift-up your spirit, and make you smile for choosing the entrepreneurial roller-coaster. During her presentation. I felt like she could literally "walk through" the screen, as her enthusiasm and devotion was sky-high. Thank you, Jodi, for being such an inspiring individual, you're definitely unique.



Director, Undergraduate Center for Career Development, Babson College

Jodi-Tatiana Charles is a rock star Brandographer. The title in and of itself depicts her unique,entrepreneurial style. She is astute and adept regarding the intricacies of building brand recognition from a practical,realistic,results perspective. Jodi's energy and enthusiasm combined with her professional experience are powerful tools that engage and motivate her audience. Jodi's personality and leadership style illustrate her natural talents as she walks the talk in all of her endeavors.


As a Keynote speaker for Babson's Career Bootcamp, she inspired students and employers alike to reconsider the effectiveness of their branding strategies and incorporate her methodologies for positive outcomes. Jodi's content is spot on, delivery engaging and call to action, motivating for all.



The Idea Guy at Mango Audio

Jodi was an amazing person to work with. Her drive and passion for marketing allowed me to have a clear vision of my media campaign. Planning this campaign with her never felt like work! I hope to collaborate with her again in the near future.

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