Do you need an outsider's perspective to help you understand the position and voice you can have in your market?

After gaining a thorough understanding of your goals and vision, we get you to think bigger so you can engage your audience on a higher level. You can expect a healthy amount of debate and pushback, but it’s all for the greater good. We then educate you and your team on how you can achieve your desired outcomes in a strategic and user friendly way.

Jodi is a passionate visionary who really understands the needs and realities of building a brand in today's market. Not only is she tireless in her commitment to clients, Jodi also brings a diverse background that spans multiple media channels both traditional and new. She is definitely someone to get to know in the Massachusetts entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Nabil Aidoud

CEO InsuranceMenu

It was a pleasure working with Jodi and the LCG Brands team, for their control of the details, calm management of 20 loose ends on any given day, and upbeat voices on the phone, or bright smiles even in midst of stressful meetings. Jodi and the team know how to be clear in their mission, clear in the assignments, steady in contact with all parties, and firm in holding everyone accountable. All elements of a great project managers! 

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