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How Will You Carry on Your Legacy?

Learn how to teach those who come after you. Learn  how to give them the proper tools to succeed and trust your guidance.

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  • Why is mentorship important?​
    Mentorship is an important relationship that requires lots of wisdom and communication. Mentoring Matters is a resource that helps you understand the value of the mentor-mentee relationship and how to host the relationship the right way. Mentorship is meant to support others who are less experienced than you to get to their goals much faster.
  • Who benefits from mentoring matters in my institution?
    Students can benefit through meaningful advice to carry them throughout their educational and professional careers. Faculty members can also build on their mentor skills to connect with students and strengthen relationships.
  • What will this course teach me?
    The course will be taught through a series of modules that will target what your expertise is and how to take advantage of your skills. In the end you will be able to create trusting relationships, provide feedback, and overcome obstacles with mentees. Course Investment $6,000 – Basic Package: Full course + customization (your business logo) $8,000 – Beyond Package: Full course + translation with subtitles (the language of your choice) +$2,000 per language $10,000 – Worksheet Package: Full course + worksheet program
  • Why Should My Institution Purchase The Course?
    Fostering relationships between faculty and students is a great way to take advantage of the potential connections around you. This allows for many mutually beneficial relationships to flourish, teaching both the mentor and mentee at once.
  • How Do I Purchase Mentoring Matters?
    The course can be purchased either by emailing or at the Contact Us page where a representative will be assigned to you to answer all your questions.
  • How Will I Receive My Course?
    You will receive a password protected file with your custom course inside. The students and faculty at your institution can watch this course an unlimited number of times and it can be shared with different departments as you see fit. The course is evergreen and you own it.
  • When Will I Get My Course?
    Once we receive your institution’s logo and payment, you should receive your custom course within 3-5 businesses days.
  • What does the worksheet package include?
    The worksheet package is a PDF booklet of exercises for the viewer to complete while following the course. There is a page of interactive exercises for each module.

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