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Jodi-Tatiana Charles

Marketing & Business Development Strategist | Podcast Host | Author | Global Speaker | Board President & Member | 5x Marathoner

Jodi-Tatiana Charles is the visionary founder behind LCG Brands, a marketing and business development consultancy dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, innovators, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB/SMEs), and international professionals in amplifying their personal and corporate brands.


With over three decades of executive leadership in marketing, branding, business development, and communications, Jodi-Tatiana has garnered remarkable successes with prestigious organizations such as the US Embassy MX, VodaCom Tanzania, Masschallenge and TechStars Accelerators, Massachusetts Governor’s Office, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, Massachusetts Conference for Women, NBC Universal/Comcast TV, and Clear Channel Communications/iHeart Radio.


"My job is to help choreograph your brand.".

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