funny and refreshing


"insightful, funny and refreshing. A great way to start a conversation about the importance of our cultural heritage with our children."


JODI-TATIANA CHARLES is a first generation American born to loving Haitian parents and a self-made grandmother. Her strong family roots have instilled in her a pride in her family's culture and heritage, and she wants to share that celebration of diversity with her readers. She is always curious to seek out new and adventurous ways to learn and to embrace others for their differences and unique qualities. She is an avid global traveler and dedicates her time to children, the elderly, and cancer causes, through road races, mentoring, and volunteering. Following in her grandmother's footsteps, she has crafted a career of educating entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and small-business professionals on the importance of growing and marketing their unique brands.  She lives in her beloved community of Marblehead, Massachusetts.


Picking Pebbles

(Coming in 2021)



What Makes Wrigley Smile

(Coming in 2021)


Warm Kisses

(Coming in 2022)


Not Another Marketing Book (Coming in 2022)


A delightful book


It's Just a Rug is a delightful book that explores the differences in our cultures, and encourages children to find out about where their family came from. The illustrations compliment the words nicely and the whole thing makes for a great read for children.

R. G. Strong, New Zealand