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Our Mission

We support individuals and businesses wanting to build and amplify their brands.

LCG Brands is disruptive by design, partnering with startups and existing businesses with change in mind. Our strategic services produce exceptional results: 

We use our 30+ years of experience to reinvent your marketing potential

and take your business to a level not yet achieved.


We are a full-service research, consulting and communications firm bringing deep expertise, providing a full range of services, and promising sharp strategic thinking that gets results.

1.6 million entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, small & diverse business owners, students, faculty & global organizations over a decade

79% of our clients achieve "earned" media 

2 in 3 experts
transformed into "known" business experts

30+ years of marketing

& brand expertise

163 partnerships with universities & colleges worldwide 

85% of clients' have built strong brands, respected within their industries

94% client ROO
(return on objective)

73 countries use our marketing methodologies.

81% of our clients gained  high rating and approval from targeted audience

55 international businesses rely on our marketing & immersion strategies

Seen, Heard, & Read

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