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Mentoring Matters



Is job placement a sign of a College/University's success? And how can educational organizations give their students an edge in the ever changing job market? And how can they share the wisdom well past the classroom?

Aspiring leaders need more and better mentoring than they’re getting today. According to a 2019 study, while more than 75% of professional men and women want to have a mentor, only 37% have one.  What’s more, most of the people currently acting as mentors aren’t having as dramatic an impact as they could because they’re too narrowly focused on career advancement instead of mentoring the whole person. How to do it better? 

-Harvard Business Review

Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations found that mentoring programs  dramatically improved promotion and retention rates for women and minorities —15% to 38% as compared to non-mentored employees.

Employees are happy, engaged, and productive when their individual needs and the needs of the organization are in sync. The extrinsic rewards of salary and benefits might be enough to get top talent in the door, but it will not be enough to retain employees or to bring out their best efforts.


Employees reach their full potential when their job also brings intrinsic rewards—the feeling of doing meaningful work that is connected to their own personal and professional development.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Mentorship Important?

Mentoring = Teaching

Mentorship is an important relationship that requires lots of wisdom and communication. One may have many lessons to offer but is unsure about how to develop the right mentor-to-mentee relationship or may have consistent issues with their current mentor relationship. “Mentoring Matters” is a resource that can help you overcome these issues, fears, and concerns. Mentorship is meant to help someone who is less experienced than you get to their goals much faster. When you get to that “Ah-ha!” moment with your mentee, the feeling is priceless.

How can Mentoring Matters help your institution?

  • Students can gain meaningful advice personally and professionally from the start to the end of their collegiate experience.

  • Faculty members can build their brands, share experiences, and form stronger relationships with peers.


What will this course teach you?

The course will review various topics including what a mentor is, understanding your expertise and what you will offer, finding the right mentee, forming a relationship with a mentee, learning interpersonal skills, developing trust, giving constructive feedback, overcoming obstacles, and more!

What is in the course?











Course Investment

$6,000 – Full mentorship course + customization (your business logo)

$8,000 – Full mentorship course + translation with subtitles (the language of your choice)

                       +$2,000 per language

$10,000 – Full mentorship course + worksheet program

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Jodi-Tatiana Charles is the Founder and “Brandographer™” of LCG Brands. She brings to bear 30+ years of executive leadership in marketing, branding, and communication success with high profile organizations.  She has mentored over 5,000 students in her lifetime.


Jodi teaches exactly how to find mentees and mentor them in a way that gets them maximum value while fully respecting your time and allowing you to focus on helping others in the areas where you can add the most value for them (i.e., not under-utilizing yourself). She teaches how to access businesses and individual mentees in less-advantaged communities and outside of your own natural community and world. LINKEDIN

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