Our Process

LCG Brands' process has been developed over a decades, based on growing your business.  We are experts in developing marketing strategies, analyzing marketing opportunities, brand development, community outreach and media engagement.


We put the marketing power back in your hands, by collaborating and educating you and your team on how best to identify, engage and build trust with your target audience. 


We help brands identify specific goals and needs of their customers and guide the creation of products or services to fulfill them. Purpose into Action.


Based on your vision and marketing goals we help identify your goals, we work together to put a plan in place to achieve those goals.  Action into Impact.


When you spend time working on your marketing strategy, you are planning the future success of your business. We work with you, assuring you understand your customers' needs and what they want, and that you know how to communicate with them so they understand what you offer. Impact.

Marketing Power, Back in Your Hands

Onboarding/Marketing Audit

Internal Research

Marketing Workshop

Marketing Strategy

Insights & Planning

Brand Development

Building Influencers

Community Outreach

Marketing Distribution

Global Immersion

On/Offline Engagement

Media Engagement


Experts In Marketing

LCG Brands has a team of marketing specialists, all trained and developed to help businesses of all sizes with their marketing needs. From developing marketing strategies and public relations plans through to brand marketing and lead generation. Expect expert advice every step of the way.

For Startup, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

We specialize in working with startup, small and medium-sized businesses. Our team knows what questions to ask to get the best out of your team, easily identifying your unique selling proposition and all the key messaging required to clearly communicate what your business does, how you do it, and why a prospect should choose your company over your competitors.


Each marketing executive understands the inherent needs of a high - growth business and the challenges they face. Our job is to make marketing power your overall business performance.

And Global Insight Consulting.

LCG Brands works with game-changing brands, inspired companies, and global influencers. Our core strategic engagements are designed to deliver results, from branding that breathes life  and engagement into your story to campaigns that drive consumer action.


Whether you are just starting out or evolving your brand, LCG Brands will help you grow.


Our people are brilliant specialists that span the globe. We are straight talking, preferring to keep things simple, doers. We are infectiously positive and consistently explore new opportunities for our clients. And, we are in it together, we are natural collaborators. 


Our values reflect this:

Never give up

We are our clients’ partners. So their goals become our goals. We do everything we can to not just meet those goals, but surpass them.

Driven by detail

We are obsessed with every detail. The insight we gather helps us solve complex challenges and transform our clients’ businesses. It is our job to know the detail so we can make our clients’ lives better.

The inventive spirit

This spirit is what sets our people apart from others in the industry. Our desire to find, create and develop new approaches and platforms to transform our clients’ businesses is where the magic happens.

Over 30 years Client Side Experience

Team experts include:

Creative Director

Brand Strategist

Content Strategist

Lead Digital Marketing

Art/Graphic Director

UX Designer


Lead Community Outreach