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500 Pitches, 90 Countries, and 85 Awards AND GUESS WHAT...

November 9, 2023

The "2023 Go Global Professional Services Award" in the Service Industry Category.

In 2021, LCG Brands Consulting was nominated for "Top Placer Marketing", and the feedback suggested that our company contributes much more to the global community than we acknowledged. I took that feedback to heart, elevated my efforts for the growth of my team and businesses, and for the entrepreneurs and innovators we serve. The results are paying off.

Thank you to the International Trade Council for consistently recognizing the hard work my team and I put in year after year also, thank you to our host, Rhode Island Commerce (Secretary Elizabeth M. Tanner, Esq.and her team), in collaboration with the International Trade Council, the 2-day conference and gala brought industry pioneers, founders, CEOs, heads of government trade and investment agencies from over 76 nations. This unique gathering provided us with the opportunity to showcase our achievements and explore additional international business opportunities.

Overall, this was EPICALLY AWESOME, even before we won!

SPECIAL RECOGNITION: From the moment I arrived on Monday, I encountered amazing people. Among them, a team of straight talkers, meal companions, natural comedians, engaging conversationalists, cheerleaders, belly laughing buddies, and overall wonderful individuals whom I anticipate having in my life for a very long time, eager to create lasting memories.Katlin Saarniit(Estonia),Orit Horn(New York),Matias Schapiro(Israel),Joe Hawayek(Dubai),Cosimo Constantinos(The Bahamas),Sebastian Sadowski-Romanov& Inna Sadowski-Romanov (Poland),Ofuni Ada Agada(DC),Federico Sosa Otero(Paraguay),Iain Evans JP GAICDEvans (Australia),John Sampson(Dubai), and so many more.

EXTRA EXTRA SPECIAL RECOGNITION: Eight years ago, on November 8, 2015, my very special grandma left a loving community that adored her, and we miss her every day. Last night, my extra special angel was with me when I won.

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