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Embracing Unconventional Innovation: Making the Extraordinary the New Normal in Business

November 15, 2023

Innovation stands as the cornerstone of progress, propelling businesses towards evolution and growth. Yet, its pursuit often demands a departure from norms, challenging conventions and daring to tread uncharted territories. This journey finds resonance in the profound wisdom encapsulated in the phrase: 'When it's not the norm, you have to make it normal.'

Innovation isn't solely about generating groundbreaking ideas; it's about nurturing a culture that welcomes novelty, even when it diverges from established norms. For businesses to thrive in today's ever-evolving circumstances, they must champion a mindset that celebrates the unconventional and embraces change as a constant companion.

Consider tech giants Apple and Google, both exemplars of transforming the unconventional into the norm. Apple's iconic launch of the iPhone wasn't merely a product release; it revolutionized the mobile phone industry by normalizing the concept of a device merging a music player, internet browser, and phone. Similarly, Google's ventures—Maps, Gmail, and the development of AI-integrated hardware—redefined how we navigate, communicate, and interact with technology. Both companies made the extraordinary ordinary through a steadfast commitment to innovation, design excellence, and consumer-centric approaches.

However, embracing innovation as the norm necessitates more than sporadic groundbreaking achievements; it demands a cultural shift within organizations. Leaders play a pivotal role by fostering an environment that not only welcomes unconventional ideas but encourages them. It's about instilling a culture that values experimentation, tolerates failure as a stepping stone to success, and rewards audacious initiatives.

Netflix adds another dimension to this narrative. The streaming giant disrupted traditional entertainment by challenging the norm of physical DVD rentals, pioneering online streaming, and reshaping how people consume media. Their success stemmed from a culture that embraced disruption, making innovation a standard practice rather than an exception.

Normalizing innovation requires continual reinvention and adaptability. Businesses must embed innovation into their DNA, infusing it into every process and decision-making facet. This perpetual pursuit of progress means not resting on past accomplishments but striving for continual evolution.

Tesla, a trailblazer in the automotive industry, embodies this ethos. Beyond creating electric cars, Tesla redefined the narrative around sustainable transportation. Their innovation extends beyond vehicles to encompass energy solutions like solar panels and home batteries. Tesla's introduction of autonomous driving technology and over-the-air updates represents a paradigm shift in the automotive sector, making groundbreaking concepts like self-driving cars and continual software enhancements the new norm. Their 'Gigafactories' and ambitious projects in renewable energy reflect a commitment to normalize eco-conscious practices and redefine the boundaries of the automotive industry.

The path to innovation transcends conformity. It demands a shift in mindset that celebrates the unconventional and a resolute commitment to making the extraordinary normal. When it's not the norm, businesses have the responsibility to champion change, navigate uncharted territories, and make innovation an intrinsic part of their identity. For in this bold pursuit lies the key not only to survival but to flourishing in a landscape ripe with possibilities.


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