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Jodi-Tatiana teaches marketers how to develop, manage and lead the creation of valuable experiences for their organizations.

Keynote Speaker

A powerful and established voice in the innovation ecosystem, Jodi-Tatiana stretches the audience's mindset and gives them practical tools that can be used immediately to create greater successes in their personal and professional lives.

Jodi-Tatiana helps her clients and audiences unlock, nurture and strengthen their storytelling muscle so they can create impactful experiences for their employees and customers.


She delivers content-rich business material in a highly engaging style that wins over any audiences as a:

  • Keynote/Presenting Speaker

  • 1-on-1 Executive Training

  • Competition/Startup Judge

  • MasterClass

  • Moderator

  • Panelist

  • Media Coaching

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She is available for in-person

as well as virtual events.


Redefining Your Brand in the "New Normal".


Storytelling, Building Your Personal Narrative, and Articulating Value.

Building Expertise Through Apprentice and Intern Programs


Defining Your Career Through Mentorship 



Jodi-Tatiana Charles is a rock star Brandographer. The title in and of itself depicts her unique,entrepreneurial style. She is astute and adept regarding the intricacies of building brand recognition from a practical,realistic,results perspective. Jodi's energy and enthusiasm combined with her professional experience are powerful tools that engage and motivate her audience. Jodi's personality and leadership style illustrate her natural talents as she walks the talk in all of her endeavors.


As a Keynote speaker for Babson's Career Bootcamp, she inspired students and employers alike to reconsider the effectiveness of their branding strategies and incorporate her methodologies for positive outcomes. Jodi's content is spot on, delivery engaging and call to action, motivating for all.

Donna Sosnowski

Director, Undergraduate Center for Career Development, Babson College


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