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A Huge Thank You to Our 2020 Interns & Their Words of Wisdom


Many of you may not know that I started my career as an educator. Primary school - 2nd & 6th grade and outdoor environmental – 4th thru 10th grade, six years in a field, that truly feels like a lifetime ago.

When I kicked off my career in media, I knew that I didn’t want to leave the students behind, so I designed an internship program that would give communications and marketing students, from any background the opportunity to “test drive” the profession they were studying.

Now, I’m sure you’re asking, what does Jodi know about running an internship program of young adults, well, I had a lot of practice as a former; nanny, teacher, camp counselor, c.i.t director, teen tour asst. director and yes, I myself was an intern.

Over the span of my career, I have worked with +/- 500 students globally, they were hardworking, sassy, determined, bullheaded, entertaining, needy, curious, comical, and sometimes honestly just annoying. All characteristics that make for the perfect individual wanting to better themselves for their future.

2020 - A Unique Year for an Internship Program

When colleges and universities closed their doors, so didn’t many opportunities for businesses to tap into the innovations that can only come from the minds of excited students. Excited to learn from their peers, from seasoned professionals and to learn for themselves.

LCG Brands Consulting received over 100 applicants for six spots, this was a clear problem. I made the decision to take on a few more students and we as a group experienced the pandemic(s) of 2020 together, from different locations, different perspectives and through the lens, I believe, of some future leaders in the marketing industry.

Words can not express the admiration and gratitude I have for my team of amazing students that made it through this year’s program, they were thrown so many obstacles personally and academically and continued to shine. This video captures a pinch of who they are and why I will always advocate for businesses of all sizes to create a proper internship program, where students are learning from leaders willing to teach and allowing them to grow by doing.

The future of “your” industry is dependent on “you” giving them a chance.

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