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My Microwave's Origami Guardian and the Art of Paper Zen

January 26, 2024

About 16 years ago, my dear friend Sergey made me this – an origami ball. It has sat on top of my microwave for all these years. Besides my love for admiring origami, I haven't quite pinpointed the exact reason I've held onto it for all these years.. I tried to get into making them, bought books, the paper, and it caused more stress than anything else. But what I did learn about myself and how I see how I process my workday through this craft was eye-opening.

Origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, has a therapeutic quality that extends beyond the final product. When Sergey handed me that delicate paper creation, I was mesmerized by its intricacy and simplicity. Little did I know that it would become a silent observer of my life over the years.


As I attempted to create my own origami masterpieces, I found myself wrestling with the paper and the instructions. What was meant to be a relaxing hobby turned into a frustrating experience. However, in the midst of the paper-folding chaos, I discovered a valuable lesson about my workday routine.


Origami requires patience, precision, and focus. It dawned on me that these are the very qualities I need to apply to my daily tasks. Instead of approaching my workload with haste and stress, I began to fold my responsibilities with the same care I would give to an intricate paper crane. The act of folding paper became a metaphor for organizing my thoughts and tasks.

In the end, while I may not be a master origamist, the art form has given me a unique perspective on my work life. My origami ball remains perched on the microwave, serving as a reminder that sometimes, the most profound lessons come from the simplest folds of paper.


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