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They say multi-tasking can’t be done, I say “try”.

My bestie Christine got me hooked on audio books years ago, at first it was to help me train for marathons, the changing tempo in music was so distracting, where running to chapters kept my brain lobes focused.

Now I use the ritual while multitasking; house chores, shopping, driving, meal prepping and exercising. A book a week, it’s my enjoyment away from the computer and a great way to get my favorite books into my busy lifestyle.

This year I have hit my personal best of 49 books; from business to autobiographical to romance to astrophysics (yah that one made my head hurt), to Do-It-Yourself. Now items, usually on my procrastinate list, have become enjoyable, thanks to a good book.

So, can you successfully multitask...I say, try to find your creative way, to say yes!

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