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The Up and Comers: Generation Z

Commentary By

Ethan Holmer, Alexa Cohen and Jacqueline Beaufore

Generations come and go, and now Generation Z (Gen Z for short) are the next in line to becoming the key targets for your nonprofit. In January of this year, Gen Z overthrew the previous cohort (Millennials), as the most populous generation, when its numbers peaked 2 billion worldwide. Many in your industry have caught on to this and are already finding out how to market to Gen Z and leverage them, creating a rapid growing demographic trend within 2020.

The fact that Gen Z are the largest generation is not the only reason why this demographic trend is catching speed, it also has to do with their habits. A 2020 study by found that 32% of Gen Z have donated to a cause, 26% have raised money for a cause, 10% wish to start a nonprofit of their own, and 77% are interested in volunteering for and working for nonprofits. These statistics outline just how philanthropic Gen Z is, making them a perfect addition to nonprofits. Additionally, another survey recorded that Gen Z are more loyal to causes, rather than specific organizations, meaning that they are interested in change and relate better to nonprofits with strong and clear ideals rather than just well-known names.

As this generation is also the most tech savvy and social media engaged, it is no surprise that using your social media is a big part of tapping into this demographic trend. Gen Z also has a shorter time span, according to Forbes, than their Millennial counterparts (8 seconds as opposed to 12 seconds). This is important to consider as content you are putting out should revolve around this: clear, short, and relevant.

Generation Z is here, and tapping into them will not only ensure that your nonprofit has a strong body of customers, donors, and clients; but will also supply you with individuals that truly want to make a difference and are eager to engage and work with you to promote your nonprofit’s mission.

How you can attract Gen Z:

- Advertise your nonprofit’s volunteer/career work as Gen Z is extremely philanthropic and are eager to engage with nonprofits, so letting them know what you offer is vital.

- Use volunteer/program experiences to interact with Gen Z and build bridges with them.

- Also make sure the experiences you offer are meaningful and unique; Gen Z are masters of word of mouth and creating one of a kind experiences will help get them talking.

- Post event dates, stories, and accomplishments on your social media outlets on a regular basis and create content that is tailored to Gen Z (quick, engaging, relevant).

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