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Find Professional and Personal Satisfaction through Mentoring - Jodi-Tatiana Charles

Learn from our guest, Jodi-Tatiana Charles, what we found to be unexpected tips, information, and guidelines on how to successfully find professional and personal satisfaction through mentoring. Jodi is the Founder and “Brandographer™” of LCG Brands ( She brings to bear 30+ years of executive leadership in marketing, branding, and communication success with high profile organizations, including the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, the Massachusetts Governor’s Office, NBC Universal, and iHeart Radio. She has mentored over 5,000 students in her lifetime. Jodi teaches exactly how to find mentees and mentor them in a way that gets them maximum value while fully respecting your time and allowing you to focus on helping others in the areas where you can add the most value for them (i.e., not under-utilizing yourself). She teaches how to access businesses and individual mentees in less-advantaged communities and outside of your own natural community and world. Listen to the show on Apple podcasts (, wherever you normally get your podcasts, or listen on the web at

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