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How Do Gun Violence Affects Small Businesses?

contributor Ravan Clowers


Illustration: Franziska Barczyk, Reuters, REX/Shutterstock, AP, Getty Images

Over 110 individuals are typically shot down in the US. Studies show that prudent public safety rules may reduce gun violence in a country with a 26-fold higher murder rate by gun than other developed countries.

More than 1,000-gun control supporters gathered on the National Mall on June 11. After the mass shootings in New York and Texas, Congress has scheduled hearings on prospective gun regulation amendments. The week prior, Congress heard from mass shooting survivors and gun violence victims. 36,000 Americans are killed by guns annually, and 100,000 are wounded. Gun violence is widespread. 58% of American adults have been affected by gun violence directly or indirectly. Gun violence scars the country physically, mentally, and financially. Coworkers, customers, and business acquaintances are gun violence survivors. How will gun violence affect small businesses?

Effect on Small Business

High gun violence affects company location. According to city-specific data, ten extra gunshots per census tract per year led to one less business starting, one more firm closing, and 20 fewer new employments in DC. In Oakland, each additional gun homicide was connected to five fewer employment the next year. People and corporations abandon violent regions, reducing property and sales tax revenue. Cities can't afford public services for low-income and high-crime communities. Falling tax revenues lead cities to cut funding for schools, social services, and other community-building activities despite growing demand. Rising gun violence leads to economic disinvestment, fewer public services, and more violence. Gun violence and concentrated disadvantage are caused by numerous variables. Guns may be used everywhere, not only at home or business.

Gun violence affects employees' emotional and physical wellness. Gun violence victims lose an estimated $50,787 per year in income. Many gun violence victims are unable to return to their employment. When gun violence surges, new retail and service businesses are halted, resulting in fewer local jobs and restaurants. The effect is slower home price growth.


This should imply that corporations should be as pro-gun control as they are pro-profit. It indicates that corporate trade groups should have views on gun-control legislation. It implies business owners should talk to our legislative officials about gun control the same as we would about taxes or subsidies or economic restrictions. All enterprises from small board-game cafés to the biggest industrial firms should make sure lawmakers realize these concerns are significant. It says corporations should make advocacy part of what they do.

  • Effective Violence Intervention and Prevention programs

  • Understanding how the place of business impacts gun violence.

  • Small businesses can raise awareness with their employees and consumers on the impacts of gun violence.

  • Launch a campaign to end gun violence with a donation.

  • Businesses can ask customers not to bring firearms into their business.


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