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  • Lance Cayko

Monday Morning Coffee with Inside The Firm, Lance Cayko

INSIDE THE FIRM is a raw look into the inner workings of an Architecture firm. Posted every Friday afternoon, the podcast covers the nitty gritty issues of how to start, run, and maintain your firm, to dealing with clients, codes issues, Revit tips and tricks, and more. The show is hosted by principles, Alex Gore and Lance Cayko.

Jodi-Tatiana Charles is an energetic, pragmatic, and engaging speaker with inside knowledge of how individuals and small businesses can establish themselves as leaders to their target audiences, while achieving clear marketing objectives to meet their annual goals. Jodi has been featured as an expert speaker nationally and globally including the Harvard Business School, the InnoStart Forum, Building Global Innovators, Integra Ideas 2020 Congress, Tufts University, Aspire to Lead, and much much more.

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