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It's Common Sense Poopy Bags

I live in a dog friendly community; it is one of the benefits of not having my own. I get to enjoy big, small, feisty, friendly, as well as a variety breeds, I LOVE DOGS! But with this benefit comes an annoyance, not for the dogs but an ever-growing problem associated with my 4-legged friends…the poopy bag!

Now I don't have a problem with the poopy bag per say, I have a problem with them becoming ornaments while on my daily walks and runs. They now appear randomly in the street, trails, in bushes, in trees (kudos to the great throwing arms), and next to trash bins (face plant emoji). For a week a creative poopy bagger, took the time to select 3-4 multi-colored filled bags and strategically placed it on the same car, I must assume the car owner was in the doghouse.

I Digress.

Everyday another bag and with each bag my thoughts went to the person that left it behind, did they have any common sense?

But wait, who am I to throw stones at someone else’s glass house? I don’t own a dog. I didn’t step in poop. Why am I letting this get under my skin?

Too many times we rush to judgment, but we can easily practice using common sense by being more aware and reflecting on situations before making decisions.

Outcome to the story, I made a phone call to our town hall and asked if we could add a few more bins in areas that had a higher concentration of poopy bags, apparently, I wasn’t the only person that found this to be a problem. The new bins are in place, there are less bags "hanging" around and I reminded myself that practicing common sense, starts with me.

Oh and as for the neighbor, found out that it was a sibling situation and one of them literally landed in poop.


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