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LCG Brands Turns 14

September 14, 2023

Today marks 14 years since the universe decided that I should become a business owner, a path that if anyone had told me I would be on, I would have belly laughed. Being an entrepreneur wasn't in my plan. Becoming a business owner diverted me from my core strengths, propelled me into unfamiliar territories, demanded that I wear numerous hats, navigate highs & lows, & step far outside my comfort zone. Throughout this incredible experience I couldn't have gotten this far without the support of numerous people who have touched my life & all that is now LCG Brands Consulting LLC My family & friends, I want to express my heartfelt thanks for understanding during those occasions when I had to decline invitations or change plans. You recognized that I was playing the long game & your support in finding ways to contribute to the realization of my vision means the world to me. My MBA classmates, despite lacking a desire to venture into business ownership, consistently lent their expertise to ensure I stayed ahead of the curve at every juncture. My colleagues, contractors & vendors—words can't express my gratitude. You chose to collaborate with me & my ambitious ideas, & you've consistently exceeded expectations. Your dedication to your goals & your expertise inspire me daily. To the hundreds of interns globally who permitted me to instruct & encouraged them to aspire to become the next generation of experts in their respective fields. Over the course of the last fourteen years, my clients, both local & global, have led me on a world-wide adventure. Some have moved on, others are thriving & a select few have grown into close friends, like extended family. They placed their trust in me with their personal/business brands, & because of each one, I've been fortunate enough to observe, listen, learn, & evolve. I cannot overlook the significance of facing a 100x "no's." As someone who used to book high-tier guests daily as a producer, I believed I had thick skin. Yet, receiving numerous rejections for my own business proved to be a daunting experience, magnifying the sweetness of the affirmations I've received.

So, as I embark on the next decade(s) of shaping the legacies of individuals & businesses, I have 3 REQUESTS I hope you can assist me with. These requests will enable my team & I to connect with those who need us most. * VIEW our new video and SHARE it with you community. * VISIT our website at, where you'll find information about our services. * LISTEN to , in its 3rd year with 200+ interviews from 36 countries. I'm actively seeking introductions to partners for multi-year sponsorship opportunities. Again, THANK YOU, your unwavering support opens up endless possibilities for helping numerous individuals/businesses achieve their short/long-term goals.

Best regards


*** Special recognition to two talented and kind humans in my life. Sam Tansey of Olinda Media ( who created our new promotional video and Kevin Thai of Three Circles Studio ( who created my headshot, both capturing who I am and what LCG Brands Consulting provides perfectly!

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