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Local business using its local community

Commentary By

Ethan Holmer, Alexa Cohen and Jacqueline Beaufore

As a local/small business using every single outlet to gain customer awareness is key. You can grow customer awareness for your business by using your local newspaper, sponsoring community events/sports, get radio ad space from local stations, and even go really old school by passing around fliers.

During COVID many communities are looking within to buy food, shop, or to do something fun. As a small/local business, you have a duty to your community to tell them that you are open and ready for their business.

News Generation reports that 244.5 Million Americans listen to AM/FM each month and overall 92 percent of Americans listen to the radio over watching TV (87 percent) and using a smartphone (81 percent). By tapping into your local airwaves, you are reaching not only your city but surrounding areas as well.

Traditional marketing like using ad space in magazines/newspapers, using billboards, or making commercials for your local stations is gaining more traction. The advantage of a small business is that you could listen to your consumers to see what they are interested in.

It is important to be well established in your community so consumers know to choose you over well-named brands (Target, Nike, Urban Outfitters…). Not only do you need to market efficiently but also tell your consumers on why they should choose you. Do sponsor the local baseball team? Have you helped clean up the streets? Do you give discounts to teachers, police officers, nurses, or firefighters?

Reaching out and expanding the outlets you use is key but pushing your message alongside that is when you will gain more customers.

As a small business owner, you are responsible for creating 8.4 million new jobs in the past 17 years according to Medium, which is a website engineered to help grow your business. Creating jobs and boosting the local economy is a major selling point for your business to your community.

By telling your community that you are here for them by giving discounts, employing within the community, and supporting local events you are telling them that you care. The most effective outlets that you can use are local like newspapers, radio stations and sponsoring local sports teams.

How to expand your business while staying local?

Engage your community:

*** Work together with other local businesses.

*** Join a committee board, doing so will link you with many other businesses and local professionals as well as the people themselves.

*** If you have your own space, hold public events for the community and create those strong relations with everyone.

*** Reward your local consumers with discounts, deals, and other benefits; show them that you appreciate their loyalty and that they are more than just consumers.

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