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Webinar: Improving the Investment Culture in Portugal

November 5, 2020

We are very happy to announce that this will be the official launch event of the 2020 edition of the Portugal Startup Outlook report.

In this webinar, we will be discussing how to IMPROVE THE INVESTMENT CULTURE IN PORTUGAL, based on highlights from the report. We will be sharing insights on investment, policy, employment, market and much more.


11h00 Welcome Note - Fabio Pianesi (Head of External Collaboration, EIT Digital) 11h05 Report Presentation (Portugal Startup Outlook 2020 report) - Otito Dosumu 11h15 Panel Discussion -

- Thomas Kosters (President, Startup Heatmap Europe) *Panel Moderator

- Jodi-Tatiana Charles - Founder, LCG Brands Consulting USA

- Carol Tarr (President of Harvard Club of Netherlands & professor, Nyenrode Business University)

- Antonio Martinez (Investment Manager, Portugal Ventures)

- Sofia Fernandes (Head of Business Development, BGI)

- Rodrigo Bernardo (Business Development Manager at Informa D&B)

11h55 Question & Answer Session

12h10 Closing Remarks - Gonçalo Amorim (CEO, BGI)


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