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Creating the Foundation to Have the Best Legacy Possible

Updated: Jul 21, 2023


Jodi-Tatiana Charles is the founder and “Brandographer™” of LCG Brands, a unique brand and marketing consulting firm dedicated to educating entrepreneurs, small/medium businesses (SMB/SMEs), and international professionals on the importance of growing their personal and corporate brands.

She brings 30+ years of executive leadership in marketing, branding and communication successes with high profile organizations, including the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, MassChallenge Inc., Massachusetts Governor’s Office, Massachusetts Conference for Women, NBC Universal/Comcast TV, and Clear Channel Communications/iHeart Radio.

When not absorbed with all things marketing, Jodi-Tatiana dedicates her time to children, elderly and cancer causes, through road races, mentoring and volunteering.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jodi-Tatiana’s Haitian heritage and how her pride in it has always inspired her

  • Why she says speaking French and driving manual have been “game-changers” for her

  • How part of creating your legacy is not following everyone else

  • How Martin defines courage

  • Why everyone has expertise in something and how that can shape your legacy

  • How to apply your personal legacy to your business

  • What three exits CEOs have open to them and how to plan for the best one

  • Why Jodi-Tatiana doesn’t say ‘no’ to new things

In this episode…. Jodi-Tatiana Charles is a Marketing Strategist, Global Speaker, Podcast Host, and Author. She founded LCG Brands and is passionate about educating entrepreneurs and business owners about growing their brands and thinking about their legacies, both personal and professional. Born in Haiti to Haitian parents, she is immensely proud of both her Haitian heritage and the endless sense of curiosity she was born with that matched the devotion to seeking knowledge and learning instilled in her by her parents.

When Jodi-Tatiana was a child and wanted new clothes, her tailor father brought home sewing machines. He maintained that every day you wake up and learn something. This thirst for knowledge and profound sense of needing to learn and share what she’s learned has driven her from a young age. She has earned nine degrees and pushed for success not just for her own career but so she can pass on what she knows to share her growing legacy with others. This is the message she stresses, as well: to learn and share what you know.

In this episode of What CEOs Talk About, Martin Hunter and Jodi-Tatiana Charles talk about what a legacy truly means, how to expand your legacy by sharing what you know based on what your passions are, and how to design your own path on your own terms. Jodi-Tatiana encourages the pursuit of personal legacy and Martin relates how every inspiring thing she says can be applied directly to your business as a CEO.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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