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Spotting COOL Trends: for Small Businesses

Contributor: Vanessa Bravo Gomez

18 February 2022

Why are small businesses always the ones left behind?

Why are they the ones that never hear about the “cool” trends on time? Well, we have found some techniques that might help you stay ahead of the game and not miss out on the next big thing.

First of all, you have to understand that everything is constantly changing. Therefore, accepting and embracing change is crucial in order to understand what is happening today and what might impact tomorrow. Staying ahead of the game is exactly what you want for a small business. But how exactly do you manage to stay up to date with the latest trends while also running a company?

Take advantage of every second. If you had time to read this article, I bet you can make at least 10 minutes of your day to get informed. Subscribe to newsletters like “The Marketing Brew” to get the latest news to your email inbox everyday in a short and entertaining way. Follow industries and publications in your area to see what they are doing. Listen to a podcast while you are driving to work. Read an article while taking a bathroom break. Take advantage of those minutes instead of scrolling through social media.

Three marketing takeaways that small businesses can use to stay cool:

  1. Be 10% smarter than the people around you: Make as little as 10 minutes a day to educate yourself about what is changing and how the world is evolving, so you can adapt your small business in an intelligent way.

  2. Use resources: There are thousands of free resources out there that are incredibly useful. YouTube videos, podcasts, and websites can help you spot trends on time. You can also put a notification on posts of companies that you follow. Listen to your customers. Talk trends with people! Surround yourself with smart individuals. Have advisors!

  3. Accept and adapt: The world is in constant change. It might be hard to understand some new concepts, but you need to make the time and effort if you want to evolve and succeed!

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